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Three family owned, beach front condos await you, on West Gulf Drive. Each 2 BR 2 BA unit is a ground floor walkout, with a beautiful Gulf view, and only steps to a white sand beach.

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Tropical Storm and Sanibel

For the past week, our Sanibel Island tourists may have been a little disappointed.  Tropical Storm Debby has caused cloudy, rainy and windy days for over a week now.  There have been tornado and high surf warnings.  We had been fortunate to have sea turtles nesting earlier than usual this year and in larger numbers, but sadly, it seems as though most of those nests have now been washed out by high surf.  There is still time for more sea turtle nesting, so we will keep our fingers crossed. 

Hopefully our island visitors were able to get out onto the beach, between rains and find some sea shells rolling in.  It's obvious in these photos that the high surf was not standing in the way of them having fun.

Here are some photos taken on the beach at Pointe Santo, yesterday.


Sanibel on Halloween

The Sanibel weather is very warm and pleasant right now. The island is still not crowded, so there is time for you to get in a visit before the busy season gets underway.

This was the view at Pointe Santo de Sanibel this Halloween evening.

There have been some very high tides lately.

People are saying they have had great shelling luck!

It could be a perfect time to visit Sanibel!

There was a perfect Sanibel Halloween Sunset!


Windy Afternoon on Sanibel

Even though it was cloudy at times this afternoon, it was a nice day to be out.  Our day time temperatures are in the mid to low 80's now, a cooling breeze and less humidity.  Nights are now mid to low 70's.

The beaches, bike paths and streets are nearly empty, which makes it a perfect time to visit!  It is only a short time now, until the busy season begins again.  Make your reservations now to spend a relaxing  vacation in our tropical island paradise.


Perhaps the Best Time of Year on Sanibel

I think this is the best time of year on the island.  There are no crowds of people anywhere.  You have the beaches nearly to yourself.  The temperatures are gradually getting a little cooler.  And, if that isn't enough, take a look at these clouds!

The trees, flowers and grass are thriving from the rains we've had lately.

Plenty of empty beach chairs under the palms, tiki huts and uncrowded pool.

So often of late, the clouds look as though they are floating just above the water.

Even the sea birds are enjoying
 the less crowded beaches.

If you have the time, we have condos available and beach chairs just waiting for you!


Sanibel Sunday

We are happy that the hurricane spared us, but feel bad for the people on the east coast.  It is amazing how different the weather can be,
only a few hours away.

This was the view at Pointe Santo this
afternoon and evening.

The weather has cooled down a few degrees now and today there was a cooling breeze that felt wonderful.  This is a great time for walks on our uncrowded beach.  Why not come to 'Paradise' while the entire island of Sanibel is quiet and peaceful?
We have accomodations available and will be happy to help you. 


A Sanibel Dawn is Breaking

The breaking dawn at Sanibel this morning was nothing short of amazing!

Pointe Santo  is very peaceful
at this time of the morning.

The pastel colored clouds, in the southwest,
were beautiful.

The shore birds seem to love early mornings
on the island.

This is a very calm time of year on Sanibel Island, and a perfect time to try our vacation properties at Pointe Santo de Sanibel.
We have condos available, that make it possible for you to get up to these beautiful morning views, and with only a few steps, be right on the beach.